lundi 16 septembre 2013

A new award !

We are proud to announce that Approved for adoption received the Best documentary award at the 13th edition of the BUSTER International Film Festival for Children and Youth (Denmark)

The film tells a personal story in a very poetic style of animation. The animations are mixed with live footage and 8mm film. The animations are all based on the main character's own drawings interpreting his upbringing as an adopted child in Europe. This personal and authentic visual style creates a strong identification with a child's experience of loneliness and foreignness within a large family. The film is moving in its absolute honesty and raw depiction of the main character's upbringing, where his family as well as his own 'far from perfect' behavior are involved. This adoption story does not just tell a story of loss, though. In the end the film suggests a possible healing of the loss of love. Despite the tough subject the film radiates an amazing excess and has moved us all.” explained the jury.

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